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Big Data. Small Effort.

Making data analytics and AI accessible and beautiful

Present Self-Service Analytics Softwares Are Disparate, Complex & Built For The Data Engineer In Mind.

We designed ours for business and operations people so that they use data with confidence.
  • Self-Service Analytics Softwares Are Not Designed for Real Business Users Self-service analytics software are 'self-explanatory'; you do everything on your own. If you're not a data engineer, then good luck!
  • Self-Service Analytics Softwares Disrupt Focus and Job Specialisation Most of the current analytics software offering attempts to make Data Engineers out of users. This requires the users to veer away from their daily tasks in an attempt to create reports, dashboards or data stories to be presented. That's too much time for too little a value to the actual business objectives.
  • Self-Service Analytics Softwares Can Introduce Chaos in Data Governance And an early stage of digital adoption, businesses will delegate metrics and tracking to the different departments, often introducing various standards and definitions for the metrics. This creates problems especially when different departments are supposed to work together to achieve business objectives.

How Datavis helps you?

"Datavis helps businesses and organisations progress through technological maturity towards being a data-driven company."


We stay away from the complexities of typical data analytics tools with special consideration to user ergonomics. We focus on helping users improve their business operations, not turn them into data engineers.

Quick Implementation

Our modular approach allows quick adaptation to the varied needs of different customers and industries. Our solutions are in-built with industry best practices via collaborative partnerships with domain experts.


The proprietory technologies that we created were developed to be extensible for it to play-nice with many existing technologies and formats.


Design-Thinkers, Process-Driven & Momentum-Seekers